Art Battle: Southampton

Uploaded 24 March 2015

Art Battles are live competitive artistic events that can happen anywhere. This ‘illustration showdown’ was filmed by Katrina Moskella (Ekaterina Volkova) at the Shooting Star, Southampton on 3 March 2015.

Several artists are given a short time period to create a drawing. Each audience member gets to vote on the painting they like the most. There are several preliminary rounds in which the most popular artists move on to the final round. The artist who gets the most ballots in the final round is declared the winner. All illustrations are then auctioned off to the audience members.

MC-ed by The Lime Collective, the video features Ida Serduchka, Joe Watson Price, Vetle Nes O’Shaughnessy, Dessy Baeva, Archie Gordon, Howard Rigeon, Ferg Kirkman and Will Whittington.

Boora – The Wind From Other Planet’s

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