Planting a vine – processed location film from ‘Out of Town’, 31 August 1972

Uploaded 1 August 2013
In my archive, this film – with sound effects but no commentary from my stepfather Jack Hargreaves – is categorized as JH776 ‘Planting a vine’, Out of Town, week 35, 31 Aug 1972.
What Francis Niemczyk has been able to send me so far – 31 July 2013 – is a DVD he’s made of just over 14 minutes of Stan Bréhaut’s 16mm film for an Out of Town episode titled, on the can, ‘Planting a vine’.
The film I sent Francis was from an archive of hundreds of Out of Town films I hold in a lock up in Birmingham. The film is in positive negative with a magnetic tape on its left side, holding the dubbed sound effects, and perforations on the right hand side. The film on the disk, which I’ve ripped to stream on Vimeo, carries dubbed library sound effects – tyres on gravel, bird song, car engine, hammering, digging and outdoor 'filler'. What, of course, is absent is Jack’s commentary, his live studio musings from his ‘shed’ in the Southern Television studio at Northam in Southampton, the title and credit music at start and finish and before and after the mid-episode commercial break. Out of Town was broadcast for half an hour early on Friday evening over 20 years between 1960-1981.
We are now hoping to synch the ¼” reel to reel sound tape that accompanied the film so as to get closer to a proper OOT episode, though we will always be missing the film of JH in the studio that came at the start and sometimes the end of each episode.
We should have the sound including the title and credit music but no picture. Except for later versions of Out of Town between 1980-81 (recently published by Delta) the studio part of OOT either went unrecorded (except for sound) or the recordings have been lost. So this is a start.
Francis selected this film which he hopes to match to its corresponding sound tape of JH from a batch of film-tape pairs that had been catalogued by Roger Charlesworth when the collection was at South West Film and Television Archive. This is a pilot to see if we can get on with digitising and synching all the matched tape-film combinations in the archive. It's been pointed out to me that most viewers would in 1972 have seen this film in black and white. Colour TV came to the UK in the late 1960s but few people had colour sets in 1972.

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