Visit Southampton

Uploaded 22 September 2015

What does Southampton have to offer? Quite a lot actually. Featuring (in no particular order): The Alpine Centre, Southampton Sports Centre, Oxford Street, Mayflower Theatre, Solent Sky Museum, Tudor House and Museum, Art House Café, Dancing Man Brewery, Olive Tree, The Rockstone, Metrics Coffee House, Beatnik Emporium, The White Star Tavern, Spitfire Taekwondo, SS Shieldhall, Sea City Museum, SoCo Music Project, The Joiners, Oxjam Music Festival, Common People, A Space Arts, John Hansard Gallery, City Art Gallery, Ha Ha Gallery, Nuffield Theatre, The Quays Swimming & Diving Complex, Southampton FC, Southampton Parks… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Music in the City‘s on, it’s going to be a lovely weekend – so why not Visit Southampton.

Brought to you by The Marketing Collective, with the video produced by Broken Physics Productions.

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